Estudio de Feng Shui en oficinas y viviendas
Estudio de Feng Shui en oficinas y viviendas


Hello! I am pleased to introduce myself: my name is Miriam Hernández, and I am a Feng Shui Consultant and Technician for Building Construction Projects.

I have been involved in architecture and interior design for the duration of my professional career. A few years ago I discovered Feng Shui and it has since become my passion.  I now advise on a personal and professional level, to improve the spaces we inhabit.

Feng Shui works by ensuring a balance exists between the energy of the person and their environment. It is translated as “wind and water”, and it helps us to flow with nature, since we are all part of a whole.

Improving the energy of our spaces helps us to project ourselves and builds a more prosperous life. That is why a Feng Shui building study has as its main objective to understand the energetic characteristics of the space, and connect them with those of its inhabitants, achieving the harmony and peace needed to live a healthier life.

I invite you to discover this age old art to improve your space, your life and that of the people around you:  our spaces represent us, and if we take care of them, we take care of ourselves …

“Your environment is the reflection of your life”