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  • Do your children wake up at midnight?

    A geobiological study may prevent it

    Rest in a healthy home
  • Nearby antennas?

    Radiation may be measured at home

    electromagnetic radiation
  • A tired office?

    A healthy environment reduces work absenteeism

    toxic free office

Do you live in a healthy home?

Groundwater is the cause of sleep disorders, insomnia and tiredness. Nevertheless, it is now possible to detect and avoid it.

Electromagnetic waves affect the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. They can be measured and corrected.

The toxins accumulate in the air and in the dust of the inner spaces. It is important to avoid them, since they can cause allergies and diseases.

Carles Surià lecturer at the UPC

About me

My enthusiasm is to see people enjoying their lives with health and vitality.
Engineering and bioconstruction are my tools.

Studies for a healthy home


Diagnosis, geobiological study and allergen study

The geobiological study identifies radiation of the interior spaces.

The allergen study detects the toxins that contaminate home.


Correction of geobiology study

We present the best solution for each pollutant.

Normally the most effective measures are the simplest ones.


healthy area

The study helps you live in a healthier home.

The space will improve your family’s health and yours.

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