I am Carles Surià, a pathological geobiologist, that’s how I define myself!

The reason I exist is the minimization of critical indoor environmental influences, both natural and man-made.

My main motivation is to help people suffering from environmental illnesses, such as multiple chemical sensitivity or electrosensitivity, to improve their environment to help them recover.

As a professional, I advise and inform all those interested in improving people’s wellbeing creating healthy interior spaces.

As a communicator and lecturer, I help to raise public awareness about the importance of reducing electromagnetic, chemical and biological pollutants in living spaces, which can have health consequences.

As a teacher I insist on measuring, measuring and measuring: health is at stake!

I started in the improvement of environmental quality more than 20 years ago as a result of writing the first official publication made in Spain of the Social and environmental costs of transport. The social costs that I assessed and that society pays for environmental pollution from transportation disturbed me.

From the public administration I was actively involved in the improvement of outdoor environmental quality, and I questioned then that the scope of action should not be limited only to outdoor, but should also include the interior space and that it is almost always more polluted. That’s where it all started!

Carles Surià entrevistado en la cadena Cuatro


Civil Engineer (col. no. 20,629) and winner of the Second National End of Degree Award.

Geobiologist expert in Environmental Health and Master in Bioconstruction.

Specialization in Physical, Chemical and Biological Contaminant Measurements (German Institut für Baubiologie).

Professor at GEA (Spanish Association for Geobiological Studies).

Specialization in Sustainable Cities and Territories.

On a personal level, a lover of yoga, nature, and the Mediterranean diet.

The complete professional profile is available on LinkedIn.


To contribute to the well-being and health of people.

To innovate and offer services of excellence in the improvement of indoor environments.

Respect for the environment.

Absence of conflicts of interest.